Monday, July 16, 2012

Nags Head Vacation-1999

Front of the Vacationer Motel- 1999

2 of the little cottages that belonged to the Vacationer Motel. Took this photo in 1999.
View is from the back of the Vacationer Motel that was beachfront.
We had one of these cottages booked for the next year,
but sadly it was torn down after this photo.

Same view, but to the right of the balony.
 The photo below I believe, was taken on the same day.
Not sure how many little cottages were there,
 but I think there were at least 4 plus the motel.

Vacationer Motel 1999-View from the beach

Ferry Ride - 1999

Monday, July 9, 2012

1998 Vacation

Our first vacation at Nags Head was in 1998. We stayed at the Vacationer Motel. I think our entire family fell in love with the area from the moment we saw the beach. Or maybe it was when we first drove down Beach Road. Or maybe when we traveled over the bridge to get into Nags Head. Or maybe even while driving down Highway 64. Or maybe....when we were planning our vacation. Yeah, I think that must be it.

Jessie was 16 years old that first trip. And it seems like it took that many hours to get there!

Here are a few pics from 1998. I will be sharing many more. Along with some great memories as well.
Enjoy. We sure have.

I think this is a wonderful pic of the beach and lighthouse-1998
Love the color of the photo and the clouds. I wonder who those people are!

Bodie 1998

Corolla 1998

Me, Jessie and Marna
We did a lot of driving that first OBX trip!

Our first walk up Jockey's Ridge 1998 while waiting for check in at the Vacationer.
Of course,  I had to have a kite! We still have that same kite and fly it every year.

Jockey's Ridge 1998

Jockey's Ridge 1998

We learned about the rough surf in Nags Head!

Such fun! Can't wait to watch Baby Jack do this some day!

I am no good at paddle ball, but was fun giving it a try.
Lots of treasures in those rocks beneath my feet!

Fun in the surf

The water must have been warm during this August Vacation in 1998

Louise picking up shells and rocks. I love it when the beach is rocky! 

Jessie and Marna shopping in Duck


Lost Colony-1998

Marna at the Lost Colony Site.

The beach in the background is beautiful.